Readers of the original blog may remember Red.

He was my boyfriend.  We met when both of us were the “entertainment” guests at a New Years Eve party several years ago.

We had an immediate connection.  Red worked as a model and escorted on the side.

We fell in love and were together through good times and he helped nurse me back to health both physically and mentally after the incident I mentioned in my first blog post here.

While we were together, Red’s modeling career took off and he traveled often.  His work took him around the world and eventually it was important for him to move to Europe so that he could move his career to the next level.

With the distance between us, we both knew that our relationship couldn’t continue.  However, we remain best of friends and when he is in the States, we always find a time to get together and spend a few days just between the two of us.

Red and I still very much love each other and when his modeling career wains and my days as an escort play out I think we will be together.

For now, the relationship is on hold, but who knows about the future.

Until Next Time,

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