Virtual Dating

I had a guy recently contact me telling me how much he enjoyed the blog and my posts on Twitter…. THANK YOU SIR!

He inquired about options for hiring and I explained that I don’t “date” from the blog, as this is my “outlet” to discuss my professional life in public, but gave him a few hints as to where he could find my dating profiles.

He seemed to be a nice guy, so like many of you other guys, I continued to chat with him.  We discussed what my rates were and it was obvious he wouldn’t be able to handle the airfare and day rate.

He then asked, “what about a virtual date?”  I wasn’t sure what he meant and he again complimented my explicit write ups of past dates and said what if I did a personal write-up for him, a short story about 1500 words, that would describe our encounter.

I enjoy writing and after he answered a few questions about himself and what his preferences were I said sure.

We set a price of $100 and I told him he would have his “virtual date” within 24 hours.  Evidently he loved it, he has bought 2 more “virtual dates” since the first.

I started thinking, lots of guys probably have a fantasy of hiring a young stud for an evening, but can’t really make it happen financially, so I am offering the same to all of you.

If you are interested in a “virtual short story date” about 1500 words, email me at  I will have a few questions for you and then after payment is received, you will have your very own evening with me.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

While I am here, let me thank you all for the kind tips, gift cards and Wishlist purchases, I really appreciate it!

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Batman and Robin

batman-light-in-sky-batman-logo-in-the-sky-going-to-draw-something-like-that-batman-sky-light-meme-batman-light-sky I have done a lot of freaky shit as an escort, but last night ranks up there with the freakiest ever.

The agency had arranged a date with a guy who was in town for DragonCon.  When they set up the date, they advised me that he was a regular client of the agency and was harmless.

I asked what they meant, and they told me to check out the DragonCon website.  I had an idea that it was about Cos-play and comic book stuff but not sure.  When I checked out the site, my eyes rolled into the back of my head.  Let me be honest, I don’t understand the whole “con” movement.  Grown-ass adults dressing up in costumes just isn’t my thing.

I may be the only gay man on the planet who isn’t into Halloween and certainly not into dressing up in costumes just for the hell of it.

I accepted the assignment and just decided to go with it.  My agency has never steered me wrong and I have faith in them.

My date was for 10PM at a high-end hotel in Downtown.  I put on a pair of red Calvin’s, tight jeans and my Captain America t-shirt.  I thought I would at least give it a try.

When the door opened to my dates room I was pleasantly surprised.  A guy in his late 30’s, nice body, beard, dark hair and generous smile greeted me.  I went in the room and he smiled and told me how much he liked my t-shirt.

As I surveyed the room, I couldn’t help but notice the array of different pieces of costumes spread everywhere.  I felt like I was at the Halloween store.

As we got to know each other, my date told me he left me something in the bathroom if I wanted to go in and get ready.

I went in and again, my eyes rolled to the back of my head.  A freaking “Robin” costume was waiting for me.

I undressed and started putting it on.  SKIN-TIGHT lycra body suit with a major codpiece and the entire ass was out of the suit.

I put it on and looking in the mirror, I had to admit, I did look hot.  The cape covered my ass as I walked back into the room to find my date standing waiting for me in a Batman mask, cape, belt and boots, that’s it except for a cock-ring.

He said I liked the Captain America shirt, but definitely see you more as Robin.

I walked to him and he kissed me deeply and let his hands go directly to my ass.  I made my way down his hairy chest to his nice cock and started sucking him.

He grew hard in my mouth and held the back of my head as he rode my throat.  He definitely had a nice dick and I enjoyed sucking it, even in that stupid cape and mask.

Eventually he lay me on my back on his bed and then started eating my ass.  The guy had a very talented tongue, but that was nothing compared to the cock he slid into my ass and rode.

This Batman could fuck!

He pounded my ass for a good 20 minutes alternating between slow long strokes and piston fucks until he ended up filling the condom with a huge load.

We lay in bed for a while and as I was noticing our time coming to an end he must have also noticed because his hand went back to my ass.

He asked if he could fuck me again, I told him we were almost out of time, however I had been horny as fuck all day and if he was as good in round 2 as round 1, I was up for it.

He was…… this time he put me on all 4’s to go in me, he slid all the way deep and it was amazing.

We eventually moved into a reverse cowboy and then I lay him back on the bed and rode him until he was finished with him pushing up into me as hard as I bounced down.

After he came a second time, I got up and went into the bathroom and got dressed.  When I came out, he gave me a nice tip and I left.

When I got home I realized I had not gotten off, my cock had never even come out of the damn codpiece.  I ended up shoving a dildo in and blowing a huge load all over my chest, face and shoulder.  I wiped it up and ate it all.

I would be this guy’s Robin again any day!

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Game Day – UGA Over Austin Perry, But That’s Not What You Want to Hear About

8508772061_a54ef89374 Football Daddy and I had a great day at the UGA game.  I stayed over with him Friday night and we had a relaxing evening.  A good meal, swam in his pool and some hot sex to close out the night.

Saturday morning I woke up after he had already gotten up and found him in the kitchen, checking emails and having a cup of coffee.

I declined coffee but did enjoy a nice gulp of cream from his spout as it slid down my throat.

I love returning to Athens for football games, it always brings back great memories, many of them having to do with the hot studs I used to fuck around with when I was a student.

As we made our way towards the stadium, we walked by one of my classroom buildings, this particular building holds a particularly great memory, a building I took my Freshman Biology class in.

I am NOT good at science, it never has been my subject, math too, I just don’t get it.  History, English, the arts, those are my subjects.

So back to the story.

When I was a Freshman, I had a college biology class that was kicking my ass.  The harder I tried, the less I understood and my grades were reflecting it.  I was struggling and knew I needed to pass the class to keep my GPA at a level I would be comfortable with.

It was Spring Semester and I had held up a solid 3.6 through the year and I didn’t want to let a failed Biology class fuck up my standings.  But the further I got into the semester the less it looked like I would pass the class.

I had tried, I just couldn’t get it.  One of the Lab Assistants, an average looking guy who felt more comfortable around a petri dish than people had been really helpful all semester.

He was not much older than me, a complete science nerd.  On the surface you wouldn’t think we had anything in common, but I liked him.

I had seen him in the local gay bar a few times during the semester and always spoke to him.  I tried to help him come out of his shell a couple of times in the bar, but his social skills were non-existent.

Leading into finals week I was desperate and asked the Lab Assistant if I could get some tutoring sessions in.  He told me he would be happy to help me and I set up an hour each day for the week leading up to Finals.

On the first day, I paid for the week and we got down to some study.  He really helped me, but I just wasn’t getting it.

I was bordering a  D and F and was desperate.  On our second day of sessions, the LA told me I should make an appointment with the Professor to plead my case.

The Professor was a douche and I told him I didn’t think it would work.  The LA told me “you know, LA positions are really competitive, I found a way to get this appointment and I am sure you will find your way into the Professor’s good graces too” as he said it, he winked at me and smiled.

REALLY?  I asked.

He told me yes and after our session I went to the Professor’s office to make an appointment.

Two days before the final exam I walked into his office.  I had picked up on the hints of the LA and dressed accordingly, shorts and a skin-tight tee.

As I sat before the professor I explained to him how hard I had worked.  He nodded and checked his books, I had only missed one class and turned in all of my assignments on time.  He became less douchy and said unfortunately all the work you have done just doesn’t add up to a passing grade.  Passing and failing would be dependent on my success in the final exam.

At this point, hopeless, I told him “I will do anything to pass this class.”  He said, “I know you have been working with my LA and he reported to me that you are working hard to pass, do your best and let’s see how it all ends up.”  I left dejected.

Later that afternoon during my tutoring session, the LA and I went over our studies and I was hopeful but not confident.

As I was leaving the lab, I ran into the Professor in the hall.  He asked how my study was going and I told him I was working really hard and once again pleaded my case.  He smiled and told me to come back at 6, we could talk about it.

At 6 PM I was walking into his office suite.  His assistant was gone for the day and he was in his office.  He motioned me in.

I walked in, closing the door behind me.

We talked and eventually he let it be known, my grade could be earned in ways other than my knowledge of the biology he had been teaching all semester.

I ended up on my knees behind his desk sucking his thick cock.  Not very long and overly hairy, I sucked his cock giving him my best.

I then found myself bent over his desk with his tongue up my hole, followed by a couple of fingers and then his cock.

Bent over his desk, with his cock deep in me, a soft knock on the door interrupted his stroke.  He shouted out come in.

With a smile on his face, the LA walked in and undressed in front of me while the Professor kept fucking me.

A small uncut dick came out and the LA walked over and put it in my mouth.  Now I was being impaled on both ends from two science nerds that would never get me to consider them twice, but I was desperate and I gave them both the fuck of their lives.

After filling a condom with his load the Professor pulled out and I rubbered up sliding into the LA.

Calling his LA’s name, the Professor said, “this dude does know something about biology doesn’t he?”

We all laughed as I fucked the LA to his and my climax.

After we finished I dressed and left the two men in the office.

I walked into the Final Exam cautiously optimistic.  I did my best, but was unclear on much of the topic.

When my grades came out that semester, I got all A’s, except for Biology, there I got a B….. a hard-earned B, but one I was very happy with.

You see, I don’t just fuck for $, sometimes I fucked for grades too!

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