Batman and Robin

batman-light-in-sky-batman-logo-in-the-sky-going-to-draw-something-like-that-batman-sky-light-meme-batman-light-sky I have done a lot of freaky shit as an escort, but last night ranks up there with the freakiest ever.

The agency had arranged a date with a guy who was in town for DragonCon.  When they set up the date, they advised me that he was a regular client of the agency and was harmless.

I asked what they meant, and they told me to check out the DragonCon website.  I had an idea that it was about Cos-play and comic book stuff but not sure.  When I checked out the site, my eyes rolled into the back of my head.  Let me be honest, I don’t understand the whole “con” movement.  Grown-ass adults dressing up in costumes just isn’t my thing.

I may be the only gay man on the planet who isn’t into Halloween and certainly not into dressing up in costumes just for the hell of it.

I accepted the assignment and just decided to go with it.  My agency has never steered me wrong and I have faith in them.

My date was for 10PM at a high-end hotel in Downtown.  I put on a pair of red Calvin’s, tight jeans and my Captain America t-shirt.  I thought I would at least give it a try.

When the door opened to my dates room I was pleasantly surprised.  A guy in his late 30’s, nice body, beard, dark hair and generous smile greeted me.  I went in the room and he smiled and told me how much he liked my t-shirt.

As I surveyed the room, I couldn’t help but notice the array of different pieces of costumes spread everywhere.  I felt like I was at the Halloween store.

As we got to know each other, my date told me he left me something in the bathroom if I wanted to go in and get ready.

I went in and again, my eyes rolled to the back of my head.  A freaking “Robin” costume was waiting for me.

I undressed and started putting it on.  SKIN-TIGHT lycra body suit with a major codpiece and the entire ass was out of the suit.

I put it on and looking in the mirror, I had to admit, I did look hot.  The cape covered my ass as I walked back into the room to find my date standing waiting for me in a Batman mask, cape, belt and boots, that’s it except for a cock-ring.

He said I liked the Captain America shirt, but definitely see you more as Robin.

I walked to him and he kissed me deeply and let his hands go directly to my ass.  I made my way down his hairy chest to his nice cock and started sucking him.

He grew hard in my mouth and held the back of my head as he rode my throat.  He definitely had a nice dick and I enjoyed sucking it, even in that stupid cape and mask.

Eventually he lay me on my back on his bed and then started eating my ass.  The guy had a very talented tongue, but that was nothing compared to the cock he slid into my ass and rode.

This Batman could fuck!

He pounded my ass for a good 20 minutes alternating between slow long strokes and piston fucks until he ended up filling the condom with a huge load.

We lay in bed for a while and as I was noticing our time coming to an end he must have also noticed because his hand went back to my ass.

He asked if he could fuck me again, I told him we were almost out of time, however I had been horny as fuck all day and if he was as good in round 2 as round 1, I was up for it.

He was…… this time he put me on all 4’s to go in me, he slid all the way deep and it was amazing.

We eventually moved into a reverse cowboy and then I lay him back on the bed and rode him until he was finished with him pushing up into me as hard as I bounced down.

After he came a second time, I got up and went into the bathroom and got dressed.  When I came out, he gave me a nice tip and I left.

When I got home I realized I had not gotten off, my cock had never even come out of the damn codpiece.  I ended up shoving a dildo in and blowing a huge load all over my chest, face and shoulder.  I wiped it up and ate it all.

I would be this guy’s Robin again any day!

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