Virtual Dating

I had a guy recently contact me telling me how much he enjoyed the blog and my posts on Twitter…. THANK YOU SIR!

He inquired about options for hiring and I explained that I don’t “date” from the blog, as this is my “outlet” to discuss my professional life in public, but gave him a few hints as to where he could find my dating profiles.

He seemed to be a nice guy, so like many of you other guys, I continued to chat with him.  We discussed what my rates were and it was obvious he wouldn’t be able to handle the airfare and day rate.

He then asked, “what about a virtual date?”  I wasn’t sure what he meant and he again complimented my explicit write ups of past dates and said what if I did a personal write-up for him, a short story about 1500 words, that would describe our encounter.

I enjoy writing and after he answered a few questions about himself and what his preferences were I said sure.

We set a price of $100 and I told him he would have his “virtual date” within 24 hours.  Evidently he loved it, he has bought 2 more “virtual dates” since the first.

I started thinking, lots of guys probably have a fantasy of hiring a young stud for an evening, but can’t really make it happen financially, so I am offering the same to all of you.

If you are interested in a “virtual short story date” about 1500 words, email me at  I will have a few questions for you and then after payment is received, you will have your very own evening with me.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

While I am here, let me thank you all for the kind tips, gift cards and Wishlist purchases, I really appreciate it!

Until Next Time…



Your boy appreciates your generosity!


I love Amazon Gift Cards…. if you are interested!

Amazon WishList

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