My First Time

I wasn’t very sexually active until I went away to college.

I fucked a girl a couple of times in High School, but quickly realized that wasn’t my thing.  I knew I liked guys but didn’t venture out to make it happen until my Freshman year in college.

At the University of GA, there were lots of hot gay guys who couldn’t wait to get into my pants and I was more than willing to return the favor.

The first guy was a Junior, member of a Frat who was deeply closeted, but I would sneak to his house when his roommate wasn’t home and suck his big juicy dick and learned to ride it like a champ.  He was the first guy who fucked me and that I ever fucked too.

Pleasure for profit never entered my mind, I was enjoying giving it away to guys my own age too much.

One of my best friends and I would venture to Atlanta on weekends, we would stay with my mom and go out at night with our Fake ID’s to the many gay bars in town.

We hooked up with guys and would meet up afterwards late night to go back to my mom’s house.

In the bars, I was popular with guys not only my age, but guys in their 30’s and older.  I usually stuck with my own age group, but one night that all changed.

My buddy and I were on the dance floor, both shirtless dancing the night away.  I noticed an older guy watching me dance, he smiled, I smiled, but that was the extent of our interaction.  I was not into flirting with a guy who was old enough to be my father. (Or for all I knew, who WAS my dad…. I never knew my sperm-donor.)

Later in the night, my buddy had found his fuck for the night and they had left the bar, I stood at the bar getting a beer when after I ordered a voice said, “I got it,” I turned and it was the older dude from earlier passing cash to the bartender to pay for my beer.

I said thank you and walked away.

I drank my beer and a few minutes later the guy walked up to me again.  He held out his hand and introduced himself.  I shook and told him mine.  We engaged in some small talk, but I remained aloof cruising the hot guys in the bar and occasionally chatting up some others who were around.

As I finished my beer, another one appeared, from the old guy.  This happened a couple more times and I just let him keep buying me drinks, chatting on and off when I wasn’t talking to other guys.

After an hour or so of this game, he leaned in and whispered in my ear “I want to suck your cock.”

Being a smart-ass I responded with something like “so do about 3/4 of the guys in here.”

He then said, “I will make it worth your time.” And I asked “how do you plan on doing that?”

He said “50 bucks.”  I laughed and walked away.

It was getting late and as I walked towards the door, he spotted me, walked up and said “100.”  I asked, to suck my cock?  “Yes, I want to suck your cock.”

He said, I live about a mile away, follow me and it is yours.

I followed and got in his passenger side and we drove off to his condo in a nice high-rise building in Midtown.

Once we were inside the condo, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a $100 dollar bill and handed it to me.  I took the cash and took off my shirt.

I followed him into his bedroom and unzipped my pants, letting my 8 inch cock out.  He dropped to his knees and took me all the way to the base, I got hard in his mouth and he sucked and licked my dick and balls.

As I stood over him, he removed his shirt and unzipped his pants.  I later found out he was 47, he was about 15 lbs overweight and balding, with an average sized dick that he stroked while he deep-throated my cock.

The blowjob was great, he definitely knew what he was doing.

“Will you suck me,” he asked?  I responded “that’s not what you paid for.”

He reached in his pocket and pulled out another 100, I took it and as he lay back on his bed, I got on my knees and sucked him.

Within a few minutes he blew his load.  I got up and jacked off, shooting my load on his face.

I put my cock back in my pants, put on my shirt and told him thanks as I walked out of his condo and back to the parking lot where my car was.

That cocksucker never knew it, but that night started my career as a whore.  I didn’t look back after that night, we hooked up a few more times when I ran into him in a bar, but I learned that night that old guys can be great sex, especially when they have the funds to afford it.

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I’m Back & Better Than Ever!

Hey Studs, I’m back!

Some of you guys may remember, I had a blog a few years ago that I kept detailing some of my hotter adventures.

The blog disappeared one day when a lot happened to me personally that put my career on hold for a bit.

Some of you know, but I encountered a really bad, really rough trick who fucked me up, it took awhile to get over it, but I did.  (Please don’t ask because that is all I am going to say about it.)

I came back to escorting slowly, with just my primary clients who thankfully stood by me during those messed up days.

It’s been two years since I kept the blog and honestly deleted it completely after time.  As much as I tried to stay away from the blog world, I have to admit, I really missed it and I missed all of you interacting with me.

A few months ago I went back on Twitter, if you don’t already, you can follow me here.

Several of you guys who remembered the blog kept asking for me to bring it back, so always being a guy who wants to satisfy, here you go!

For you new guys, I guess it is important for me to start at the beginning……

I am in my mid-20’s, I live in Atlanta and stand 6’1.  I have brown, shoulder length hair and work out 6 days a week at the gym and run 6 miles a day 5 days a week.

I don’t smoke, drink occasionally and have been known to enjoy some herb from time to time.  In my work life, I ALWAYS play safely, in my personal life, PrEP was invented for a reason.

Since I popped out of my mom I have known I was gay and it was never an issue for me.  Luckily I grew up with a very supportive family, they still are to this day, and I didn’t let “being gay” hold me back from anything.

I have an outgoing personality and that made me very popular growing up and still today.  My body size and frame made me athletic and in High School I played football, ran Cross Country and played 3rd base on the baseball team.  I have always lived an active life and continue that today.

Not to sound arrogant, but I have always known I was good-looking and my looks and personality helped me get ahead in a lot of situations, they still do and I use that to my advantage.

I am also humble, I hate arrogance and always treat everyone with respect…. until I am pushed.

So that’s an intro…. in the coming posts, I will answer some of the questions you guys have had for me since coming back to Social Media.

  • My first time selling
  • What happened to Red
  • The Benefactors
  • The Agency

So stick around, they are all good stories.

One last thing…. this is my ANONYMOUS diary of my experiences.  That means,  there won’t be any real names used, there won’t be photos of me and I don’t get hired through the site.  I work exclusively through a high-end agency, referrals and repeats.  Just enjoy my experiences and like any good hooker, you can make me whomever you want me to be!

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