Game Day – UGA Over Austin Perry, But That’s Not What You Want to Hear About

8508772061_a54ef89374 Football Daddy and I had a great day at the UGA game.  I stayed over with him Friday night and we had a relaxing evening.  A good meal, swam in his pool and some hot sex to close out the night.

Saturday morning I woke up after he had already gotten up and found him in the kitchen, checking emails and having a cup of coffee.

I declined coffee but did enjoy a nice gulp of cream from his spout as it slid down my throat.

I love returning to Athens for football games, it always brings back great memories, many of them having to do with the hot studs I used to fuck around with when I was a student.

As we made our way towards the stadium, we walked by one of my classroom buildings, this particular building holds a particularly great memory, a building I took my Freshman Biology class in.

I am NOT good at science, it never has been my subject, math too, I just don’t get it.  History, English, the arts, those are my subjects.

So back to the story.

When I was a Freshman, I had a college biology class that was kicking my ass.  The harder I tried, the less I understood and my grades were reflecting it.  I was struggling and knew I needed to pass the class to keep my GPA at a level I would be comfortable with.

It was Spring Semester and I had held up a solid 3.6 through the year and I didn’t want to let a failed Biology class fuck up my standings.  But the further I got into the semester the less it looked like I would pass the class.

I had tried, I just couldn’t get it.  One of the Lab Assistants, an average looking guy who felt more comfortable around a petri dish than people had been really helpful all semester.

He was not much older than me, a complete science nerd.  On the surface you wouldn’t think we had anything in common, but I liked him.

I had seen him in the local gay bar a few times during the semester and always spoke to him.  I tried to help him come out of his shell a couple of times in the bar, but his social skills were non-existent.

Leading into finals week I was desperate and asked the Lab Assistant if I could get some tutoring sessions in.  He told me he would be happy to help me and I set up an hour each day for the week leading up to Finals.

On the first day, I paid for the week and we got down to some study.  He really helped me, but I just wasn’t getting it.

I was bordering a  D and F and was desperate.  On our second day of sessions, the LA told me I should make an appointment with the Professor to plead my case.

The Professor was a douche and I told him I didn’t think it would work.  The LA told me “you know, LA positions are really competitive, I found a way to get this appointment and I am sure you will find your way into the Professor’s good graces too” as he said it, he winked at me and smiled.

REALLY?  I asked.

He told me yes and after our session I went to the Professor’s office to make an appointment.

Two days before the final exam I walked into his office.  I had picked up on the hints of the LA and dressed accordingly, shorts and a skin-tight tee.

As I sat before the professor I explained to him how hard I had worked.  He nodded and checked his books, I had only missed one class and turned in all of my assignments on time.  He became less douchy and said unfortunately all the work you have done just doesn’t add up to a passing grade.  Passing and failing would be dependent on my success in the final exam.

At this point, hopeless, I told him “I will do anything to pass this class.”  He said, “I know you have been working with my LA and he reported to me that you are working hard to pass, do your best and let’s see how it all ends up.”  I left dejected.

Later that afternoon during my tutoring session, the LA and I went over our studies and I was hopeful but not confident.

As I was leaving the lab, I ran into the Professor in the hall.  He asked how my study was going and I told him I was working really hard and once again pleaded my case.  He smiled and told me to come back at 6, we could talk about it.

At 6 PM I was walking into his office suite.  His assistant was gone for the day and he was in his office.  He motioned me in.

I walked in, closing the door behind me.

We talked and eventually he let it be known, my grade could be earned in ways other than my knowledge of the biology he had been teaching all semester.

I ended up on my knees behind his desk sucking his thick cock.  Not very long and overly hairy, I sucked his cock giving him my best.

I then found myself bent over his desk with his tongue up my hole, followed by a couple of fingers and then his cock.

Bent over his desk, with his cock deep in me, a soft knock on the door interrupted his stroke.  He shouted out come in.

With a smile on his face, the LA walked in and undressed in front of me while the Professor kept fucking me.

A small uncut dick came out and the LA walked over and put it in my mouth.  Now I was being impaled on both ends from two science nerds that would never get me to consider them twice, but I was desperate and I gave them both the fuck of their lives.

After filling a condom with his load the Professor pulled out and I rubbered up sliding into the LA.

Calling his LA’s name, the Professor said, “this dude does know something about biology doesn’t he?”

We all laughed as I fucked the LA to his and my climax.

After we finished I dressed and left the two men in the office.

I walked into the Final Exam cautiously optimistic.  I did my best, but was unclear on much of the topic.

When my grades came out that semester, I got all A’s, except for Biology, there I got a B….. a hard-earned B, but one I was very happy with.

You see, I don’t just fuck for $, sometimes I fucked for grades too!

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Pounded Out

Last night wasn’t supposed to be anything out of the ordinary.  I had a date with a nice couple, late 40’s that I see from time to time.

One guy is a big bear who enjoys hot ass.  His lover, a smaller guy is an insatiable bottom who loves to get torn up.

The plan was for us to get together for a few hours and have some fun.  Our typical session is I fuck the smaller guy, his lover fucks me, we always have a good time together and they are quite generous with me.

When I rang the bell, the bear met me at the door naked.  He gave me a gentle kiss and told me his lover was waiting for me.  We walked into the bedroom where I found the smaller guy on all 4’s on the bed.  His ass high in the air.

I walked over, rubbed his ass a bit, unzipped, grabbed one of the rubbers laying on the bed and lubed up.

In one stroke I went balls deep and he moaned out, I pulled out to the tip and went all the way in again.  I continued this for about 5 minutes and then pulled out.

Once I pulled out, the bear put a butt plug in his ass and told him to undress me.  He did.  As he removed each article of clothing he gave me a tongue bath, paying special attention to my pits and feet.

While he worshiped my feet, I pushed his head back against the mattress and fucked his face with my toes and eventually about 1/2 of my foot.  He is a foot pig and I have learned over time that this really gets him going.

While I fed the smaller guy my foot, the bear moved behind me and dropped down to eat my ass.  His beard against my hole felt amazing and he was ferocious in his attack on my hole.

Eventually the smaller guy positioned himself so that he was sucking my cock while the bear ate my hole and then started fingering me.

With his lover sucking my dick, the bear finger fucked me with one, then two, three and eventually four fingers.  At this point my body was going crazy and I was ready to get fucked.

I handed him a rubber and the lube off the bed and soon after I felt his thick cock enter my ass.  I am always surprised at how thick he is and was thankful he had taken the time to loosen me up.

While he fucked my ass, his lover sucked me.  With each stroke into my hole, my dick would go to the base of the smaller guys throat.

Within 10 minutes of the pounding in my ass, I heard the bear roar and knew he was filling the rubber with his cum.

He pulled the rubber off as I continued getting a great blow job and poured its contents down my chest.  His lover immediately came off my dick and licked me clean, enjoying his lovers cum off my body.

The three of us collapsed on the bed and lay together for a few minutes entwined in each other’s bodies.

We eventually made our way into the kitchen, all naked and the bear got us each a beer.  We went out onto their back deck and sat naked and talking while we enjoyed our beers.

While we were chatting, the smaller guy said “you need to meet Jeremy.”  After inquiring as to who Jeremy is, they told me he is a big burly guy who they fuck around with.  One of their best friends, early 40’s who loves ass.

The bear asked if I would be interested in meeting him and I said sure.  Should they invite him over?  I looked at him with a knowing look and the bear assured me he would take care of my additional needs, so I agreed.

They called Jeremy to see if he was interested in coming over.  He told them he and a couple of other guys were getting ready to go out and then he asked “can they come too?”

Bear told him he would call him back in a few.

When he got off the phone, Bear asked what I thought.  I was now looking at a six-way when I had planned on a 3-way.  Bear asked if I was interested and I let him know I was, but we would have to discuss terms.

We did, we agreed on a number and Bear called him back.  Told him to come over in about an hour and said, the door will be unlocked.

I decided I should jump in the shower to freshen up and we all took turns rinsing off.  I quickly got in the mood for a larger group, especially after we renegotiated the terms of our time together.

Back in the bedroom, the smaller guy put a couple of boxes of rubbers on the bed and placed bottles of lube and towels where they could be reached.

Bear lay back on the bed and I got between his legs giving him a nice long slow blow job while he and his lover made out.

As I was sucking his cock, I heard their dog bark, the front door open and close and people walk into the bedroom.  I kept sucking bears cock.

My ass was in the air and soon felt a tongue on my hole and a strong hand come firmly down on the cheek of my ass as one of the guy gave me a hard slap.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a good-looking black guy feed his cock into the smaller guy’s mouth.

And then I felt a nice long thick cock slide into my asshole.  Whoever was fucking me knew what he was doing and he rode me like an expert.  I continued to suck Bear’s cock until he eventually moved away.

His cock was replaced by another guy’s mouth and tongue kissing me deeply.  I saw he was a nice looking bald guy probably in his mid-40’s with a nice hairy chest and as I reached to feel a 7 inch dick.

The guy behind me pulled out and soon Bear was back in my ass.  The cock that had been in my hole moved to my mouth.  I assumed he must be Jeremy.  HOT looking daddy, beefed up, a couple of tatts, he fucked my face and pushed his cock all the way into my throat on each stroke.

The black guy was fucking the smaller guy, the guy I assume to be Jeremy was fucking my face, and as Bear pulled out of me, the other guy slid in.  He piston fucked me and eventually shot his load.

Now Jeremy moved the black guy out of the smaller guys ass and he took a place in my hole while Jeremy fucked the smaller guy.  The guy who had just shot his load started sucking bear.

After a long steady fuck by the black guy, he pulled out and shot his load all over my back.  Bear scooped it off and then fed it to the guy sucking his cock.

I had been on my knees the entire time when the guy I assumed to be Jeremy, pulled out of the smaller guy, put me on my back and again entered me.

I could now clearly see the five other men around me, all sexy in their own way and as I was getting fucked, the others gathered around, stroking their dicks and taking turns letting me suck their dicks.  I was in pig heaven.

Bear was the first to shoot his load on me, followed by the second guy, then the smaller guy and black guy.  I was covered in cum and the guy I assumed to be Jeremy was still fucking me.

The smaller guy started licking the cum off my body, while the others took turns stroking my dick.

I cried out, “I’m gonna cum,” and soon shot my load, hitting my face and over my shoulder.

Once I had shot my load the guy I assumed to be Jeremy, started an onslaught on my hole, fucking me harder and deeper than he had before.

With his build-up he finally unloaded into me and then pulled the dick off his rubber and lay it on my stomach.

Soon he and the other two guys moved to get dressed and left.  I lay in bed with the smaller guy as bear showed them out.  I never learned any of their names, nor cared.

Once he came back into the room, I started getting dressed.  Bear and his lover both kissed me good-night.  We settled up with the agreed upon terms a nice tip and I left around 1:15.

It was an awesome night.

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