BBC Pounds Me Out

BBC has been one of my most longstanding clients.  He is an Executive VP with a high-profile company based in Atlanta.

I have been seeing him for about 3 years.  He is 51, married, two-kids, 6’3 about 15 lbs overweight, but it is obvious in his day he was built like a brick shit-house.  And he is hung like a horse.  Long and thick.

I have traveled with BBC when he goes out-of-town on business and he is one of the few clients I let come to my home.  He is a kind and generous guy, always dressed perfectly, but when he gets naked he becomes a dominant top who takes what he wants and expects his bottom to be able to take the aggression….luckily for me, I love it!

I have traveled for up to a week with BBC and we always have a good time together.  He is easy to talk to, enjoys great restaurants and makes sure I am well taken care of and given extra spending money when we travel and he has meetings to attend.

I usually see BBC every few weeks and he sets his appointments a day or so prior.

This afternoon I got a text from BBC.  He asked if I was busy and I told him no.  He asked if I was at home and I told him yes.  He responded, good, I’ll be there in 20 minutes.

His next text was ominous, leave the door unlocked, be lubed and on all 4’s, I only have a few minutes.

FUCK, 20 minutes!  I said ok, and started preparing. I jumped in the shower and quickly got refreshed.  Put a Magnum XL on the corner of the bed, a towel and got myself lubed up.

I was naked and on all 4’s on the side of my bed when I heard the door open.

I was facing away and heard him undressing.  The next thing I knew, I felt the sting of his large hand across my ass “what’s up cunt” he asked as he lined the head of his cock up against my hole.

Within seconds his massive cock was buried to the base in my hole.  I cried out “oh fuck” as he hit rock bottom, the cock inside me gave me both pain and ecstasy, I felt like I was being ripped in half and loving it at the same time.

Take that big dick you faggot, I don’t have much time, so bounce back on it.

I did as I was told and pushed back and he pushed forward.  He was pounding into me, going tip to base on each stroke.  He continued to spank my ass and call me “faggot,” “bitch,” “cunt,” and more…. I loved every second of it.

Within 5 minutes, BBC was filling the rubber with his load.  When he came, he lay down on top of me, kissing my neck as he was finished.

He pulled out and went into my bathroom, leaving me laying on the bed.  When he was finished he came out and began dressing.  He handed me my fee and I walked him to the door, naked and still hard from the pounding I had just taken.

“I have to go to Miami next week for the night, do you want to go” he asked and I told him sure.  He told me he would text the details tomorrow morning and would have my plane ticket when we meet at the airport.

I told him I was looking forward to it.  He kissed me lightly on the lips and patted my ass, “it is always good to see you babe,” I told him it was my pleasure.

When he was out the door, I went back to my bedroom, lubed up and jacked a huge load all over my chest, with the memories of that BBC pounding my hole out like he owns it.

Until Next Time,

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